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Keep on top of your ironing, without the hassle! If you live around Norwich, give us a call

01603 528 619

All ironing work done by hand

As the title says; all the work we carry out is done by hand, so you can be sure your clothes will be treated with care and each item will come back to you looking its very best.


Furthermore, as all our work is carried out by hand we can treat each item of clothing differently, so if you or a family member has a favourite shirt with a picture on it, you can relax in the knowledge that we'll do our best to avoid causing any damage to your clothes, something that can happen when using automatic presses.

Regular or one off work

We work on a no fixed contracts basis, so you can use our service as much or as little as you need. We're happy to work on an ad hoc basis, if you need help once in a while to keep on top of things or if you do require a regular service, we can arrange to come back as frequently as once a week, though you won't have to sign a contract for this service.


If you have specific instructions with your clothes, for example some people prefer having their clothes folded when we return them, others like them to be hung; whatever your specific preferences, Pam and Keith are always willing to help.